People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things. – Sir Edmund Hilary

I have a confession to make.

I miss Brazilian Jiu-jitsu so much.
I miss Muay Thai so much.
I miss judo so much.

In short I miss fighting so much that I once found myself almost in tears watching a BJJ match in my bed and feeling sorry for myself for not becoming a black belt and for not competing much.

I look at former teammates and students earning their purple, brown and black belts, competing inside and outside the country.

I miss the surge of the unknown, of the fight and the challenge to try yourself in the mats and in the cage.

That is because I can’t help but think about martial arts, day in and day out.

However life gets to you.

I can’t commit anymore to paying classes for it, as family priorities are more important as of the moment. (more on this later)

So in order to compensate for the lack of martial arts I am practicing Yoga and lifting weights.

But oftentimes I look in the mirror and wonder how much more I still know about martial arts and how much more I can learn about it.

And if I can still learn martial arts despite not practicing it with anyone.

So, with this in the back of my head I went to the gym earlier and I had an epiphany.

While I am already doing Yoga and lifting weights why not challenge myself and do something that would take my mind away from BJJ and Muay Thai?

Why not challenge myself with something simple but at the same time would mean a lot for me for the time being?

So I decided to embark on a journey of doing 100 days of Yoga & Intermittent Fasting (IF) and see where it may lead me.

The mechanics are simple.

Practice Yoga consecutively for 100 days while doing IF.

It can be any Yoga practice with a maximum of one hour (or more) with a minimum of 20 minutes per day.

And while I am at it I will take note of each day and write about it in my blog.

I will share everything that I thought about for that day and the challenges it poses.

But wait, why did I choose Yoga and IF?

IF is proven scientifically to heal the body and repair cells. It also has a spiritual significance when one is fasting and right now I am asking for something from above.

Yoga is something I struggle really hard at because I wasn’t born flexible and as I am getting older I am fast becoming more and more non-flexible.

Also it is good for my back as my back tightens every now and then because of overuse perhaps back in the day from martial arts.

Question: Should I stop going to the gym to lift weights? No.

I will continue as possible regardless and make Yoga as natural as walking everyday.

I know it will not be easy because we never know what can happen anytime.

I could be sick all of a sudden, or something very important might come up.

If such things happens I will still find a way to practice Yoga (perjhaps meditate to compensate).

To start I will use for yoga or other apps or courses I have and for  Intermittent fasting.

Today I weigh 194 lbs and I will take note of my weight.

Now because I am also doing Keto/Paleo/Carnivore Diet my next issue will be will I add carbohydrates as I am already doing intermittent fasting?

The answer is no. I will stay with my diet routine with a single cheat day (so as not to lose my sanity)

I remember that I once wanted to do this back then but only while practicing Yoga.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish it.

I stopped at 20 plus, as other factors happened (got sick among others)

Now you may ask why I am doing this.

Perhaps because I want to save my sanity, and perhaps it’s my personal call for adventure.

if you plan on joining me on my journey just comment below. ^_^