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Category: Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog


Covid-19 Edition— At this point, the online community has been intensely active. While some arguments have logical merits, we noticed also a sharp increase in fallacies all over social media. We believe in a fair, productive, meaningful, healthy discussion of social issues so we decided…

Thought Catalog

Stay The Fuck Home 

Italy’s COVID-19 Update as of March 16: • 24,700 total cases • 9,700 hospitalized • 3,600 new cases TODAY • 1,800 deaths • 1,700 in ICU 7.2% death rate This has spiraled out of control. Thoughts & prayers are with everyone in Italy ———————————— If…

Thought Catalog

A Tale Of Two Reactions Plus One 

Metro Manila has been placed under lock-down in response to the Chinese Corona Virus more widely known as COVID-19. Prior to that the President gave two press conference, the earlier one was considered by many as less encouraging while being close to incoherent and unintelligible,…