Someone posted earlier that Leni Robredo is our last line of defense against Duterte.
I beg to disagree.

Leni Robredo is NOT our last line of defense. She may be a part of it, but she’s definitely not the last line of defense. And just a reality check.

We slowly lost our democracy from the time Duterte became President and he was supported by the radical left. (yes, no amount of protest from their side will change that fact)

When we allowed him to bury Marcos in the LNMB we empowered him.

When we allowed him to jail Sen. Delima we emboldened him.

When we allowed him to declare martial law in Mindanao, we encouraged him.

When we allowed him to enforce Oplan Tokhang, we already paved the road for more injustices to happen.

When we allowed him to have Casinos built in Boracay we tolerated him. And every single day that we allow Duterte to kowtow to China we all know that it is just a matter of time until both of their plans fall into place.

Now we are left with a Judiciary in shambles, a Congress in cahoots with him and half the Senate waiting to overrun the other half. (Hello 2019 elections!)

All of this while our economy and people are going to the dogs. (kamusta naman ang TRAIN Law besh?)

We are in the brink of a revolution ladies and gentlemen, and as much as I hate to say it, a revolution that China and Duterte are winning.
And if you still believe that the law can save us, better wake up.

You really want to know who’s our single line of defense? (and perhaps our only line of defense?)


The people who didn’t cower from him for a promise of a budget to support their projects.

They were the ones branded as “dilawan”,”sore losers” and “destabilizers”

They were the ones who rallied and fought against him, who drew the line between tyranny and democracy.

They were the ones who didn’t vote for this evil in Malakanyang and has been critical of all his promulgation’s.

They were the ones who voted for him, admitted their mistake and turned their backs against him after knowing how evil he really is and joined the people who are opposing him.

(I draw the line with people who supported him back in the day, it would take more than their simple theatrics to convince me that they really mean well. As I see it they are still shouting the wrong slogan while China is the immediate enemy. #SorryNotSorry)

So if you still live in that fantasy world where you say that Leni Robredo is the sole defense against Duterte, again I tell you, WAKE UP.
Just a backgrounder:

Before Ninoy Aquino died he and his fellow senators were jailed.

Because, THEY RESISTED MARCOS on the very first whiff of corruption from his office.

People like, Tanada, Diokno, Aquino called a spade a spade when they saw one. And they did not keep their mouth shut while waiting for “the right moment” because the President was popular.

However I would give “Marcos the Devil” his due by saying that “At least he jailed the Senators and made them live another day (as opposed to what he did to common filipinos)”

But for Duterte whose sole aim is to eliminate anyone against him and his Chinese overlords I couldn’t say the same.

He might’ve jailed Delima but he’s been wanting to murder her ever since she investigated him back in Davao as Matobato mentioned in his statement.

All Duterte needs to do is to eliminate Leni (figuratively and literally) through the recount (or otherwise) after wrestling complete control of the Supreme Court and then everything is done.

Needless to say, the approval of CJ Sereno’s Quo Warranto by the supreme court will be utilized in its utmost form.

So now you might ask yourself what’s next?

What can I do to stop this country from turning into China’s colony and province?

How can I join in rallies and other protest movements?

Why does Grab sucks? (I digress)

First off, stop empowering Duterte’s evil trifecta propaganda machine.

Mocha, Sassot & Nieto.

Their job description is to redirect the attention from the evils of Duterte and make you react on their propaganda.

The more you talk about them and their stupidity the stronger they get.

Take this for example, how many hours do you spend blasting Mocha, Sassot & Nieto in Facebook instead of blasting Duterte?

What about just focusing on Duterte alone, and sharing his blunders in social media and creating commentaries based on his persona because the truth is HE IS THE MASTERMIND BEHIND ALL of the evil trifecta’s posts on facebook. (perhaps you can still take a jab at the three but stay focused on Duterte)

Second, join talks by CJ Sereno and other opposition leaders ( that has no agenda in turning our country into a communist state-still another form of dictatorship but way worse see: The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsy ) arm yourself with knowledge and learn the issues of the country while it’s still legal to talk against Duterte and his policies.

Third, support the opposition senate slate. My goodness if Tito Sotto being a senate president doesn’t make you nauseous enough then I don’t know what else could. Couple that with Pacquiao… Let us bring back good brains and hearts in the Senate people! Please…

Fourth, go and visit Bantayog Ng Mga Bayani it is very accessible, just behind Centris Mall in Quezon ave. Go and read books in their library and visit their museum. Read aloud the names of the people listed in the walls outside and say a little prayer for them.


Because we need their memories to empower us against Duterte and his unfailing loyalty to the Marcoses.

Fifth, learn from the victims of Martial law by reading Subversive Lives by Susan Quimpo and Martial Law:Never Again by Raissa Robles along with Robert Francis Garcia‘s To Suffer Thy Comrades. .

Because these books will show you how the concept of dictatorship has been scientifically proven to NOT WORK and you will appreciate the concept of Human Rights better.

Sixth, share posts of journalists critical of Duterte, enjoy this freedom that you still have and practice it. Call out what is wrong in this government and become active in changing it. Trust me, the future generations will thank you for it.

Seventh, support the protest movements against Duterte. If you are not aware of one just follow the FB profile of Dino Manrique, he actively updates his page.

Eight, engage the common people on what they feel about this government. Just listen to them and if they ask why you ask, just answer that you are trying to understand why people are dying while China is stealing our islands.

After that just shut up and listen, and if they ask for more info just tell them you are still trying to learn more about this problem. (this approach works wonders)

Nine, Pray. Pray that you will never be illegally detained for being mistaken as a ‘tambay’. Pray that you will not be a victim of a mistaken identity and be felled by EJK.

Pray that at the very least you can still enjoy the previous freedoms you enjoyed. (If you are the kind of person who does not believe in prayer or God, then just let evolution take its proper course and hope for the best.)

And lastly TEN, when someone brands you as a “dilawan” and a “destabilizer” thank them and tell them that you love our fishermen in the West Philippine Sea and you’d rather be called that, than be called a “slave to China”