For the past few days I’ve been suffering a painful acute stiff neck, so I celebrate new year not being able to look at my left side.

I tried fixing my pillows to no avail, as the pain stayed with me for the past four days.

Couple that with a handful of migraines from hell along with a sore back and you got a recipe for a meandering world of pain.

Its a common occurrence for me, especially when I eat carbohydrates.

Apparently my metabolism seems to be allergic to carbs and it promotes inflammation for my joints and what not.

Imagine waking up in the morning with the same painful body you were nursing the night before.


Thing is I am used to pain.

I think I abused my body too much when I was young while I was training MMA, my back took all the damage methinks.

It also didn’t help that I gained weight through the holidays and wasn’t able to go to the gym for a year.

As of the moment I do 30 minutes of trampoline plus 100 reps of kettle bell double hand swings at 24kg 2-3 times a week.

After that my body will be painful for two days and then I restart the process.

It isn’t fun really when I feel weak.

I’ve been so used to being strong, pushing iron in the gym and rolling in the mats or hitting the proverbial punching bag and mitts every now and then.

I often find myself sitting in the toilet, visualizing them.

That is how I miss going to the gym.

But alas, I now live far away from a decent gym.

Still I will make my exercise work at home even if it’s the last thing I do.

Today is a good day still.


Did low-carb today and hit my goals, so happy creating a list everyday!

Yes to 1% Better Everyday!

I am also enjoying watching and reading My Hero Academia

I mean it isn’t as rich as Naruto, but at least it gets the story right without the added stress of questionable circumstances happening in the plot.

Honestly I got tired of watching Naruto, because everytime they get to fight villains, the villains are still able to escape despite the fact that Naruto and his gang fought them to exhaustion.

Like Kabuto and Orochimaru can just simply melt into the earth, whereas Naruto and his fellow ninjas couldn’t.
And it happens all the friggin time! like why wasn’t the third hokage just melt his way into the roof of the building?
When I was young it was fun to watch these twists, but as you get older you see the potholes on the plot.
So instead of watching the complete episodes I left it for My Hero Academia, bye Naruto! Luvyah though!

My Current Ear Candy

Man! The Asians are killing it in the music scene just wow! And Joji is the Shiieet!!!

Also Natasha Liu Bordizzo in the video is darn pretty!

Another ear candy is this song by Trent Reznor that was covered by Johnny Cash, i mean just read the darn lyrics and it will send a chill up your spine.