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Of Vampires And Netflix 

Jumping off from the last article, the book “Beyond Will & Power: A Biography of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte” I was supposed to add that the book makes you redefine what a good person means. So in this light permit me to try to make…

Thought Catalog

Harsh Realities 

I have to admit, the elites in my country had it right when it comes to treating the Philippines. “Treat this place as a tourist destination, then reach your full potential in it then get out.” of course you can enjoy and still be proud,…

Thought Catalog

Pain Is a Gift 

For the past few days I’ve been suffering a painful acute stiff neck, so I celebrate new year not being able to look at my left side. I tried fixing my pillows to no avail, as the pain stayed with me for the past four…

Thought Catalog

A New Year And Some Musings 

People are saying that the best way to grow is to love yourself, take care of it and battle with it at the same time while you strive for your potential. While that is true, I somehow feel that it misses the point. If you…