Thank you for everybody who showed up um. It’s the first sign that we have. Partners in what I believe as we Mark 75. Years to Crystal. KN October 7th represents for our. World October 7th is the crystal KN that. Gives us the opportunity and the. Responsibility to. Act in order to be able to predict and.

Prevent what came after Crystal KN we. Have to understand in this. Institution that was mandated entrusted. To ensure that never again that never. Again is now the topic of our. Gathering. Today as Israel’s special Envoy for. Combating anti-Semitism when I sit here. In this building that enabled the first. Strain of an Ever mutating virus in the.

Form of the UN resolution Zionism is. Racism in. 1975 and we have to be clear that. Is what is Alive and on University. Campuses online in the streets Zionism. Is racism Soviet propaganda has become. In the name of progress a mainstream. Legitimate mutated form of an Ever.

Mutating hatred of Jews that was enabled. By silence Zionism is. Racism passed in this. Building paved the path for the 2001. Durban conference Against Racism turned. Anti-semitic hatefest to turn Israel. Into another lie and a parthe. State since 2001 on every single campus. Across the United States of America. Canada and many places in Europe Israel. Apartheid weeks have been.

Held pedling yet another vicious lie. That Israel is an apartheid state and. The ultimate the appropriation and. Weaponization of the Holocaust. Itself of genocide coined alongside. Crimes against humanity in order to be. Able to describe atrocities terrible. To imagine but not terrible to have. Happened the likes of which. Happened on October the 7th the burning. Of. Babies the raping of women bad their. Legs couldn’t be straightened for their. Burial the burning of entire families. Taking Refuge from incoming Rockets each.

A. Violation of international law a double. War crime 9,400 Rockets targeting. Israelis not one condemnation out of. This building for that double War crime. Targeting Israelis sleeping in their. Beds from densely populated areas in.

Gaza yes a double War crime that this. Institution is mandated to condemn not. One rocket not one double War crime. Condemned and we meet today at a. Moment of. Reckoning at a moment that in order for. Never again to mean anything when never. Again is now we must recognize. That the same. Dehumanization the same. Delegitimization the same double. Standards. That enabled the murder and the burning. And the annihilation of the individual. Jew barring him or her from an equal. Place in society has morphed to the.

Dehumanization and the delegitimization. And the double standards towards the. Jewish nation state the proverbial Jew. Among the Nations intended to be an. Equal member among the family of Nations. But barred and prevented from being that. Equal member in this. Institution demonized. Delegitimized and appli double standards. To in every Committee hearing in every. Session that the Human Rights Council me. Meets and if we are to give any meaning. To never again if we are to indeed. Uphold promote and protect the.

Foundational principles upon which this. Institution and its mechanisms and its. Values were founded we have to recognize. That it is these institutions mechanisms. And values that have been coopted and. Weaponized in order to enable the. Demonization the delegitimization and. The double standards towards the. Proverbial Jew among the Nations that is. The state of Israel if we are not. Willing to do that ladies and gentlemen. We are not committed to combating. Anti-Semitism if we do not unequivocally. Condemn the atrocities of our October. 7th without a butt at the end of that.

Sentence we are not we are not upholding. The responsibility of never again let it. Be clear there are no two sides to. This equation there is a genocidal. Terror. Organization that mine C is. Committed to the annihilation of the. State of Israel and the murder of Jews. Openly stating that and there is the. Single Jewish Democratic country which. Not only can but must defend its. Civilians there is that genocidal Terror. Organization but one proxy of a. Genocidal Terror regime that does the. Same thing to the people of Iran in. This building on November 2nd becoming. The chair of the human rights council’s. Social Mission an orwellian reality that. The ear cannot even be able to contain. But is not true not terrible to.

Have happened here in this. Building and if we are to. Give the words never again any meaning. If we are to be able to save. Our civilization as we know it because. Ladies and gentlemen don’t be mistaken. The war waged on the state of Israel and. The murder of Jews and the same. Anti-Semitism that has fueled the. Responses that deny that justify that. Excuse that attack Jews all over the. World and support Hamas genocidal Terror. But a proxy of the genocidal Terror. Regime in Iran that’s not the end of the. Story ladies and gentlemen we may be the. Bloody Canary in the Min shaft but the M. Shaft will collapse history does repeat.

Itself and at this Crystal KN moment. Of. 107 as we hold up the convention on the. Prevention of and Punishment of the. Crime of genocide that has been in an. Orwellian inversion now in this building. Inverted to accuse Israel of genocide. Even as the makings of genocide are. Perpetrated against Israelis and Jews. Even as war crimes and cries Against. Humanity are not condemned in this. Building if we do not recognize that.

This moment is never again then we are. Not failing the nation state of the. Jewish. People that was intended to be an equal. Member among the family of Nations. It is. Not we are not failing Jews in all. Of your countries now. Attacked for the atrocities perpetrated. Against our people on October 7th in. Support of Hamas that is not it that’s.

Not the only thing we’re not doing we. Are. Failing to protect our shared Humanity. We are failing to protect protect the. Shared principles of life and of Liberty. We are failing to protect civilization. As we know it upon which that Islamic. Genocidal regime in Iran and all of its. Proxies Kamas included intends to build. An alternate reality on the rubble of. Our shared civilization they say it.

Openly you can check K’s Twitter because. Get guess what social media platforms. Enable genocidal terrorists to tweet. Free they have not adopted the. International Holocaust remembrance. Alliance definition of anti-semitism. Although they have other protected. Characteristics oh no but on. University campuses not Jews or zionists. Or anyone that protects or defends or.

Believes in the of the state of. Israel to exist no that protection. Diversity equity and inclusion which. This building is committed to. Which every University campus declares. Its commitment to which every online. Space and social media platform is. Committed to protecting it doesn’t apply. To Jews or zionists or those that. Believe in the of the state of. Israel to exist in any border and Ladies. And Gentlemen let’s not be mistaken. About it the call that is heard. Including here from the river to the sea. That is a call to annihilate the state. Of Israel that Echoes the Kamas Charter. From the river to the sea is a call to. Genocide here. In this. Building and if we are to. Uphold never. Again and acknowledge that never again. Is now while never again for the.

Rest of the world never again will. We be silent as you are never again will. We allow false moral equivalency in a. Raging War for public opinion that was. Waged in this building in 1975 and has. Continued Through Time. Which many of the countries that you. Represent. Do that never again for. Us for the Jewish people means never. Again will we be. Defenseless never again will we not be. Able to defend ourselves or wait for. Anyone to save us even if we die to our. Last children doing. That is what the state of Israel is. Committed to doing now we are.

Upholding our share of that never again. Principle. Never again will Jews be. Slaughtered and years. Later will we ask ourselves how could. That have happened because ladies and. Gentlemen. 2023 is not. 1943 we have a nation state we have. Sovereignty we have a Defense Force and. It is at this moment in time that we. Will know if we have friends that. Believe in the of state of Israel. To exist in any. Borders or if we have enablers that with. Their. Silence end up in the words of the late. Ellie wizel on the side of the Tormentor. Never the. Tormented never again is now it is.

A call to action it is a call to moral. Clarity and courage it is a call to. Understand that in war we lose friends. We are losing many we are burying. Children we have lost civilians and. Soldiers and the entire state of Israel. Is deployed to this war and I ask. You are you willing to lose. Friends in order to be able to do what. Is to speak with moral Clarity and. Courage in the unconventional War for. Public opinion that was waged here. With a Zionism is racism resolution that. Has been for years raging turning Israel. Into an apartheid state and the.

Holocaust and a orwellian inversion to. Into what Jews do and genocide. Appropriated against the state of Israel. In order to fight this war because. Ladies and gentlemen in this war you are. The boots on the ground and you will. Have to speak up with moral Clarity and. With courage in your countries in your. Constituencies in your organizations. And in this building that without the. International Holocaust remembrance. Alliance definition will not be able not. Even for a moment to say that it is.

Committed to identifying and combating. Anti-Semitism without a definition we. Cannot identify or combat anything and. 107 made clear not only in the. Atrocities perpetrated but in the. Responses to the atrocities perp. Perpetrated that anti-zionism. Is the mutated mainstream form of. Anti-Semitism which in order to be able. To ensure that never again we will have. To identify and combat thank. You and I’ll end by saying that as.

Israel special Envoy for combating. Anti-Semitism I am a member of a. Coalition of special envoys many of them. Represented by in your your country is. Represented by those special. Envoys today we issued a joint statement. On the imperative not not for pity but. For action in each of your countries. Identifying and combating this strain of. Anti-Semitism that is threatening the. World as we know it that is threatening. Civilization that is threatening Jews in.

Your countries and that is threatening. Existentially the state of Israel as we. Speak thank you there is no difference. Between left and religious or. Secular Jew and non-jew the line in the. Quicksand that October 7th made. Clear for any of us who are paying. Attention is that this is between.

Radical extremism and those of us that. Happen to the civilization in which. We live there is no politicization of. Anti-Semitism that enables us to combat. It properly and I think that what. Michael raised is. Important in this institution because. Anti-Semitism was able to mutate over. Thousands of years by latching on to the. Guiding social construct of the time. Religion. Science and the secular religion of our. Time my own area of. Expertise my faith in human rights and. It is human rights that were. Appropriated and weaponized in order to. Enable this mutation of anti-Semitism.

That has become mainstream as we heard. On every single campus it is that and. All of those terms that have been. Appropriated in order to enable under. The the progressive and it is not. Progress It’s regress because October. 7th showed us that that is not progress. Anybody who is supporting or not. Unequivocally condemning October 7th is. Doing because as we have heard. Universities have relinquished their. Mission statement of teaching people how. To think for a scary reality. In which they teach people what to think.

That is the call of our time and I want. To be clear in this building. Because we meet at a time of never again. And what I believe is a moment of. Reckoning for all of our spaces the. International institutions the. University spaces the social media and. Our streets have all intersected October. 7th the world cannot ignore October. 7th and what I would to close. With is the understanding that in order. To be able to unpack what October 7th. Identify. And the masks that it removed it has to.

Be clear in this. Building the state of Israel does not. Exist because the Holocaust occurred. It’s the opposite the. Holocaust could not have occurred had. The state of Israel existed and October.7th has shown us that and. Anybody that continues pedaling the lie. That the state of Israel exists because. The Holocaust occurred when in fact 75 5. Years. Ago an indigenous people prototypical. Indigenous people that speaks the same.

Language Hebrew and reads the same book. The Bible and traverses the same land. And practices the same cultural. Rituals that indigenous people was. Stripped of the of indigeny in. This. Building the fact that that indigenous. People returned to our ancestral. Homeland after thousands of years of. Exiled persecution. Enabled by the fact that we were. Stateless for thousands of years the. Fact that that lie is pedal here in any. Capacity as if the state of Israel.

Exists as a white colonialist project. European colonialist sending Jews to. Their ancestral Homeland severing the. Tie between Jews and that ancestral. Homeland including in institutions of. This building UNESCO recognizing. Jericho as a Palestinian heritage. Site what we see is systematic ladies. And gentlemen and it has. Appropriated this institution all of its. Mechanisms and the. Values of human. Rights that we were. All committed mandated entrusted to. Uphold promote and protect equally and. Consistently the double stand standards. In this. Building have collapsed the entire. Infrastructure because people. Say to me I’m not a lawyer I don’t. Understand why double standards are such. A problem I say you know if I say to a. Three-year-old we’re going to play a. Game and you’re going to play according.

To the rules but I’m going to cheat the. Three-year-old will say I’m not playing. And that is what has happened here. With a double standards applied to. Israel systematically and consistently. It’s more or less the only consistent. Systematic thing that we can say. And I turn back to you I turn back to. You with that important plea to the. Adults in the. Room this is the time to lean in and. Sound our voices and take back the. Foundational principles that this. Building was founded on because the. Never again for this building means that.

If at this moment we don’t realize that. Never again is now the UN will. Cease to exist as we know it. That is the truth we can ignore it we. Can deny it we can hope for another year. Or two but that is the truth and that’s. Where University campuses social media. Platforms and these International.

Institutions they were all Exposed on. October 7th that has changed the world. As we know it and I want to repeat one. Last time the state of Israel does not. Exist because the Holocaust occurred. The Holocaust could not have. Occurred. Had the state of Israel existed that is. Our call to action and we will fight for. Our lives we will not wait to be saved. This time.

Around not in Israel and not in all of. Us committed to be the boots on the. Ground because we believe in not only. The but the imperative for that. State of Israel to exist as October 7th. Made clear to all of us anybody. Paying attention thank you and we. Look forward to your action with moral. Clarity and. Courage never again is now.