What doesn’t get measured, does not exist

I’ve decided to stop posting on Facebook anything about Du30. Because I believe that it is the time to move and act against Du30 outside of FB, instead of spending time talking and sharing about the last blunder his government did.

Don’t get me wrong but I think it is enough that people get their news from news websites but sharing it does not translate it into action, in fact it replaces what should’ve been concrete action.

Whereas the user thinks the act of sharing is considered an active participation of protest against Du30, but in reality is only an act that is far removed from the real act itself.

In reality Du30 has contained dissent in a platform that echoes in a bubble.

The real problem is, dissent in FB is something that we neither are able to properly measure nor properly exploit simply because the posts that we share only revolves around the people whom we added as friends.

Yes, even if you make your post public. As long as nobody goes to your page or as long as no one in their immediate circle shares it than no one will be able to see what you just posted.

Thus is the power weld by “social media influencers” and this is why Mocha, Sassot and Nieto were effective.

They were able to exploit the platform to further their agenda’s. And even though the profiles of their followers used were “fake”. It’s intended use is already achieved by simply creating viral fake profile friends to bring the message across FB towards people who are not familiar with the posts of Mocha, Sassot and Nieto thus making their approach highly effective.

And this is why the opposition cannot replicate their success.

Because the opposition has not invested with its own pool of social media influencers and it has no means to create its own fake profiles to weaponize its messages and posts.

In short, you share a post that you thought could influence the people around you, hopefully people who don’t know about what you are fighting for, only to realize that the people who see your posts are only composed of the people whom you added. So if you have 100 friends only a hundred can see your posts and nobody outside of your fb bubble could appreciate what you share.

So this creates a level of control in how the narrative is being distributed over social media. If there’s one thing that Du30 was able to exploit, it is to give users in Facebook a feeling that what they are sharing is in fact translating into something concrete in society.

Besides isn’t the best way to control people is to give them a false sense of illusion that they are really in control?

What the opposition needs to do is get out of Facebook and affect real results on the streets. To take the discussion off Facebook and become more visible as an intimidating force in the face of he government.

People! We are being played by the power of Facebook!

As for the lack of live protest actions, Facebook also served as a place to absorb the people’s disappointments instead of having that disappointment translate into massive action.

Instead of joining rallies or discussions they would rather share their dissent, thinking, that it affects change in society.

Facebook in reality is an avenue to be isolated (by serving as a buffer for dissent) and controlled by Du30 (by giving a false impression of proper dissemination of information)

You want to be effective against Du30? Get out of FB! Talk to people! Educate them! Listen to them and hear them speak in person!

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