As much as possible I don’t want to skip days when I need to write about my #100YIF challenge.

But yesterday proved to be another series of events that can’t be helped.

So here I am again, squeezing two days of the challenge into one post.

But first a confession: I wasn’t able to fulfill the 6 am habit of practicing Yoga. Mainly because I wasn’t able to sleep properly the night before yesterday. As of yesterday I wasn’t able to sleep well as well because I ate a lot of beef bulgogi from a Korean diner after enjoying their buffet.

For 499 pesos I really feel that it’s all worth it and I still went full Keto as well.

I did my Yoga in the afternoons for yesterday and today and suffice to say I am enjoying the added energy and flexibility I am starting to notice in all my movements.

Which brings me to the conclusion that Yoga, as an everyday exercise will definitely strengthen the tendons and inner muscles of the body.

If I ever become someone influential in the near future, I will make it compulsory for schools to have Yoga as their P.E. and meditation as well.

Other than the effects are astounding and overwhelmingly healthy, it also serves as a measure of one’s overall health and well being.

As for my Intermittent Fasting (IF), I officially finished the entire week challenge today and I am setting up a new challenge that will help me in my IF journey as well.

I notice that everytime I practice Yoga I am now drawn to the challenge of perhaps jumping to the next level which is the intermediate one.

But I think that it still might be too soon, I need to listen to my body and still continue to strengthen it little by little.

Anyway, today was really a bad one as I suffered a major migraine, good thing I was able to drink Excedrin (it’s the only drug that works for my migraine bar none) and practice Yoga afterwards.

I remember back in the day when I used to suffer a very bad migraine for at most three days. It was definitely debilitating, you can’t think properly and you can’t move properly, let alone carry a conversation.

It’s nothing short of a miracle whenever I have an exam and I was suffering from a bad case of migraine and I still eventually pass.

I am still happy that today’s migraine episode was just abrupt and I was able to deal with it earlier.

Oh, and by the way that is another tactic when dealing with a migraine, never wait until it becomes a full blown one. Always be one step ahead of it, once you feel it coming just go ahead and pop a medicine or meditate and it will go away faster.

So that’s it for my (almost) daily report! See you tomorrow! Namaste!

Here’s a nice video on Yoga for migraines for you guys!