My apologies, dear readers, because I was so busy and because of some unforeseen circumstances, I am only able to write my journal today.

You see last Saturday which was my 6th day I did practice Yoga in the morning and had to go to an appointment and to a meeting afterwards then I went to Cubao to buy some guitar strings.

When I got back home, I was already too busy re-stringing and enjoying playing my two guitars that I almost totally forgot to update my blog.

Anyway, the tragedy of it all wasn’t really the fact that I wasn’t able to update my blog, but because I was awakened at 3 am in the morning because of a loud screeching noise from the construction taking place beside our apartment.

Just imagine a huge piece of metal being dragged along your bedroom wall.

I woke up like a zombie and was really REALLY mad.

You know that saying “Magbiro ka na sa lasing, huwag lang sa bagong gising?”

You know that feeling where you don’t feel any fear at all?

Whenever I feel like that I usually tell myself to calm down because I am not sure what I can do next.

So I stood up, got dressed and proceeded to go down and have a talk with anyone on the construction site, because last I heard they are not supposed to do anything LOUD while everyone is sleeping.

I saw that it wasn’t just my apartment who’s lights were turned on, there were some apartments where the lights were open.

This has been an issue with the construction company before, so they blocked out all of our windows (walls-more on this shortly), because they are blaming the structure of the apartments where the contractor of our building utilized the firewall and left some holes on them instead of a solid wall.

I can understand that the developer of our building didn’t take into consideration the fact that a firewall should be a whole solid wall without any holes in them.

Thus the construction company decided to block out these holes serving as our windows to “minimize” the noise.

But pray tell if that dragging piece of metal on the walls should be a part of that darned noise on a Sunday morning of 3 am, oh heads will roll believe me.

So I went outside the gates of our compound and asked one of the workers who I can talk to about this loud noise.

The worker handed in their engineer a rather average looking guy, wearing a red shirt and jeans with his dainty yellow construction hat on and looking very apologetic went my way.

I asked him point blank.

What is that loud noise, that’s being dragged to the side of the building that made me wake up at 3 am?

He answered that he doesn’t know.

I kid you not, the entire time he looked very sorry, perhaps he really saw how I looked like ready to pounce anytime just in case he gives me the cold-shoulder or be rude.

You see, I told him: “I want you guys to finish that building, but please let us sleep.”

This was just one of the things going through my mind along with the argument that the right to sleep is a human right so really I am that pissed if you tell me that you guys can sleep but I can’t, because you have to finish the construction of your building.

How about if I don’t let you sleep at all Mr. Engineer? Will that make you happy? What if I wake you up at 3am?

He said that whatever the people are doing on that side of the building he will ask them to stop immediately.

He sounded very apologetic so I went back inside after having a short chat with the guard of our compound.

I went back up my apartment, got dressed in my sleeping clothes and lay back down on my bed. But I think that my adrenaline isn’t done yet, as such that I was waiting for a single instance of noise so that I can go back out there and have it at them.

Thank God they stopped (actually they just transferred what they are doing on another part of the building they are constructing because I can still hear it, albeit slightly)

I was able to sleep at 5 am, all my plans were ruined for the next day and I spent my entire day meditating, reading and sleeping so I wasn’t able to practice Yoga.

I also went to bed early and slept early DESPITE almost literally sleeping the entire day! That’s how bad my lack of sleep was.

So for today I woke up earlier around 5:45 and went to practice Yoga, I loved it so much and darn I missed it after missing a practice yesterday.

I really feel that Yoga grows on you, I am looking forward to practicing it twice a day, and perhaps to go up another level and practice the intermediate level.

Also, I am planning to practice The Five Tibetan Rites as I heard that it’s really good! See video below.