I decided to wake up early today (6 am) and practice Yoga.
The reason behind it is that I want to free my afternoons so that I can go to the gym and lift weights.

I also decided to make it a daily habit.

I am usually a night owl, as I do my readings at night. (I read about 2-3 books, at the same time, yeah, I know it’s that bad I really need to just focus on one.)

Surprisingly, I was able to sleep relatively early last night and had a solid 8 hours of sleep.

I almost forgot the feeling of sleeping early and waking up early (although I wake up at 7:30 am and sleep around 12-1 am)

But being able to wake up early is really good.

Good, because you have an entire morning of quiet and solitude while being ahead of other people.

Looking back I wasn’t really a morning person, I disdain waking up early when I was young.

Part of it is because I was an insomniac, which by the way I believe was also brought upon by my diet and genes.

After I shifted to my current diet I eventually began to sleep earlier.

It was so bad back then that I used to take sleeping pills and then suffer from very very painful migraines throughout the week.

I eventually found out the culprit.

Carbohydrates and Sugar.

Once I removed those from my diet my migraines became less and less and I was able to sleep properly at night.

And yes, I think it’s also because of Yoga that I am able to sleep properly, but back in the day when I was training hardcore Judo and Jiu-jitsu, I had the same problem so I guess It really was because of the diet.

One thing that I think people who love Yoga will fault me with is the thought that I am not a vegetarian.

For that you have my utmost apology, but my previous research on health and wellness does not include a human being a vegetarian.

I belong to the other side of the fence.

If possible I would want everyone to be a meat eater.

And I will soon have another blog post about that soon.

Also, I am now officially undergoing fasting. It started at 2 pm today and will end tomorrow at 8 am.

Wish me luck!