Alright, this is becoming more irritating! I wasn’t able to write down my thoughts and reflections yesterday due to some unforeseen circumstances, nonetheless, I still was able to practice Yoga and better yet practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu!

Yes, you read it right! I have a new place to train! Oh my goodness! I’m so happy! So thankful! And the better part of it is that I am also going to be a coach there as well!

Come to think of it, exactly two weeks ago I was writing about how much I miss BJJ and why that is the main reason I began the #100YIF challenge!

I know that God is listening! Thank you Lord and thank you Coach Pat and brother Ron!

Now my main concern yesterday was that I will gas out as it’s been a long time since I last stepped into the mats.

But lo and behold! I was able to completely finish the entire session strong and not winded.

What I also notice is that the movements flow much better now as opposed to those times I wasn’t practicing Yoga.

My weight distribution was also wonderful and I can definitely control my entire body as if all parts of it are moving as one!

The last I felt this was back in 2010 when I was teaching and training in Mojo and I was still under the banner of another BJJ team. Come to think of it, I trained every day back then, MWF is BJJ, while TTH is Muay Thai and Saturdays are for No-GI.

Man I was strong back the, perhaps more technical because I think I peaked physically when I was in college and was practicing Judo.

But going back to the training last night I also noticed that I breath properly just like the way I breath back in the day I was actively training.

And I give all the credit to Yoga mostly.

You see, as a martial artist, I’ve always been interested in the idea of proper breathing.

This was further enforced by the documentary I saw on Rickson Gracie entitled “Choke”.

(Rickson Gracie by the way is the undefeated fighter of the Gracie Family who were the inventors of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Up to this day he’s been known to be undefeated inside and outside of the mats.)

While his being undefeated is no small feat, his immense control of his physique and mind was really his strongest forte.

Other than that the total control of his breathing.

As told by fellow Filipino Martial Artist and premier Muay Thai Fighter Vince Soberano;

“Rickson visited my gym in China, and he rolled with everyone and submitted everyone. But what’s more incredible was that he doesn’t get tired AT ALL! He would also do this breathing technique like he’s a choo-choo train. Also he would tell you what kind of submission he will do to you so you’d watch out beforehand and still he will be able to get it.”

I researched further and looked for other connections regarding his technique and I found a direct connection with Yoga.

Rickson Gracie is a devout practitioner of Yoga and meditation.

Looking back then the idea of Meditation also interests me for a long time, but my idea of it back in the day was very shallow.

After every Judo practice back then we would be sitting in the seisa position and close our eyes and just sit still.

Lately I will find out that Yoga and meditation works hand in hand and is a balancing factor in the mind of a martial artist!

No wonder the great martial artists back then were all into Meditation along with their kata’s.

Anyway, as for the day I was able to practice Yoga too, in fact, I got so accustomed to it I look forward to it each day. And boy how fast time flies.

The next thing I know I am writing my 12th day in the challenge!

I also started again, my IF and am following up a new eating routine.

What I missed this week though is the constant lifting in the gym, but that would be compensated in these coming days.

As for now I am leaving you with the video documentary ‘Choke’.

Prepare to be amazed and inspired by it. (Seriously)