My first day of the challenge went very well. I was able to do an hour of yoga and really enjoyed it.

By doing the earlier yoga practice and forms I can’t help but think of other things while trying to focus on the positions.

My thoughts revolved around the question of will I be able to finish the challenge or not amongst other things.

And then it dawned on me.

I need to focus!

I really need to focus!

To focus on the present and not the future or the past.

To just enjoy the moment and finish what I can for the day, for the future can take care of itself and the past can rest in eternity.

And then I slowly realize, that I need to focus on just one thing at a time.

And then it dawned on me that the behavior of my mind, the scatterbrain that I am, is brought upon my dependence on social media.

You see if you really want to have a roller coaster of emotions and a deluge of information, social media is the poison you need to take.

After the practice, I decided to delete all of my social media applications on my phone.

My mind should just focus on one thing.

I need to focus on this challenge, to be able to break free from the noise of the internet.

To disconnect and align with myself, my body and my mind.

To break free of the shackles of technology and connect instead to my inner child through this challenge.

Interestingly, I saw the show earlier of Joe Rogan with Elon Musk.

Elon mentioned how humans are slowly becoming nodes of information through our mobile phones, by how much we interact with it and how much it controls our lives.

The only difference is that the connection between our mobile and us is dependent on the speed of the interaction between the two.

By the way, I took pictures of myself today as well so I can take note of the developments of my body. (I will post it in the future)

I also started on my Intermittent Fasting routine, I still have 17 hours before I begin fasting. ^_^

Congratulations! And welcome to day 1!

Watch below for the entire Elon Musk episode.