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What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ?
Christianity, Philosophy

Why I Am Not A Pacifist 

By: C.S. Lewis The question is whether to serve in the wars at the command of the civil society to which we belong is a wicked action, or an action morally indifferent, or an action morally obligatory. In asking how to decide this question, we…

53 Rules For Business Success
Self Improvement

53 Rules For Business Success 

A 5th grader should be able to understand your writing. A happy customer is the most powerful form of marketing. A mentor will always get you where you want to go faster and easier. Always keep your sales pitch as short and powerful as possible….

The Real Reason Why Fake News Wins
Thought Catalog

The Real Reason Why Fake News Wins 

“It is often very illuminating, therefore, to ask yourself how you got at the facts on which you base your opinion. Who actually saw, heard, felt, counted, named the thing, about which you have an opinion? Was it the man who told you, or the…


Lessons From Sayadaw U Pandita 

I meditated 15 hours a day for 6 months straight with one of the toughest Buddhist monks on the planet. Here’s what I learned: This is Sayadaw U Pandita. He was notorious for his unwavering belief that enlightenment is possible in this life & his…

Thought Catalog

Et Tu Prof? 

John Nery asked: “What is our clear, nonnegotiable, overriding objective?” this is after recognizing the fact that the country is suffering from a “fog of normalization.” And I couldn’t disagree more. Early this morning, I learned that a U.P. Professor friend of mine, an Anti-Marcos…

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