The video above was from the 1992 L.A. Riots, seems like history keeps repeating itself.

If you don’t see the tweet in his thread it is because he already took it down.

I asked this question earlier in my Twitter:

With all due respect to everyone who supports the protests in the U.S. brought about by the death of George Floyd.

However I would need to ask you guys this question.

You mentioned that everyone who doesn’t agree with the looting and burning speaks from the vantage point of “privilege” therefore their arguments are not valid.

Then let me ask you this, aren’t you also speaking from the vantage point of privilege when you are not the one who’s being targeted for looting and burning?

Would you allow protesters to loot and burn your own properties?

I can’t believe that there will also come a time when talking about Martin Luther King Jr. And everything he stands for is considered to be “speaking from privilege and promoting oppression.”

While others are just as equally happy to rationalize the looting, burning and destruction of property as justifiable.

I guess Jordan Peterson was right when he talked about when the left goes too far.

It is a good thing that some people from the Black Lives Matter movement recognizes this.

If there’s one take away from all these, It would be this article from Quilette: America’s Black Communities Are Suffering. Violent Protests Will Make the Suffering Worse

In ending I leave you with this video by Dr. Peterson as an added warning to the events happening in the U.S.

This is a monument to Brigadier General, Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Revolutionary war hero, architect of West Point, and ardent opponent of slavery.

He wrote numerous letters to Benjamin Franklin about ending slavery. And in 1798 dedicated all of his U.S. assets to the education and freedom for U.S. slaves.

In one of his wills he stipulated that the proceeds of his American estate, as well as those of his friend and executor Thomas Jefferson, be spent on freeing and educating African-American slaves. Had Jefferson not refused the executorship, some historians believe Kościuszko might have changed the course of American history. – Matt Thornton