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Month: September 2018


Day 11-12 of #100YIF 

Alright, this is becoming more irritating! I wasn’t able to write down my thoughts and reflections yesterday due to some unforeseen circumstances, nonetheless, I still was able to practice Yoga and better yet practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu! Yes, you read it right! I have a new…


Day 9-10 of #100YIF 

As much as possible I don’t want to skip days when I need to write about my #100YIF challenge. But yesterday proved to be another series of events that can’t be helped. So here I am again, squeezing two days of the challenge into one…


Day 6-8 of #100YIF 

My apologies, dear readers, because I was so busy and because of some unforeseen circumstances, I am only able to write my journal today. You see last Saturday which was my 6th day I did practice Yoga in the morning and had to go to…


Day 5 of #100YIF 

I started my day a bit late as I was a bit tired from yesterday’s workout and I also slept late because I was reading a very interesting book about energy. Nonetheless, I was able to practice Yoga and enjoyed it as well. And surprisingly,…


Day 4 of #100YIF 

I woke up at 6 am and practiced Yoga. I also was able to eat at 8 am, as it was the end of my fasting period. I checked on my scale and was surprised that my weight went down from 195 to 189 in…


Day 3 of #100YIF 

There are things that happen in your life that could not be controlled. Such thing is what happened to me last night. It made me reschedule my fast and it made me stay up very late that I wasn’t not able to wake up early…