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Category: 100YIF


Day 16 of #100YIF 

Something weird happened last night. For some reason I wasn’t able to sleep properly, and I don’t know why. It is as if I had this surge of energy that was stopping me from sleeping. To not I went to bed at 10 pm last…


Day 13-15 of #100YIF 

Alright, now this is bad! Real bad! I missed writing for three consecutive days! And I missed a single day of Yoga practice making it three Yoga losses for this challenge! I missed practicing last Saturday as I was planning on doing Yoga after lifting…


Day 11-12 of #100YIF 

Alright, this is becoming more irritating! I wasn’t able to write down my thoughts and reflections yesterday due to some unforeseen circumstances, nonetheless, I still was able to practice Yoga and better yet practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu! Yes, you read it right! I have a new…


Day 9-10 of #100YIF 

As much as possible I don’t want to skip days when I need to write about my #100YIF challenge. But yesterday proved to be another series of events that can’t be helped. So here I am again, squeezing two days of the challenge into one…


Day 6-8 of #100YIF 

My apologies, dear readers, because I was so busy and because of some unforeseen circumstances, I am only able to write my journal today. You see last Saturday which was my 6th day I did practice Yoga in the morning and had to go to…


Day 5 of #100YIF 

I started my day a bit late as I was a bit tired from yesterday’s workout and I also slept late because I was reading a very interesting book about energy. Nonetheless, I was able to practice Yoga and enjoyed it as well. And surprisingly,…